Kasanka Bat Migration

Posted on Wed July 17, 2019.

Witness 10 Million Bats descend into Kasanka from October to mid December. Every year, straw colored fruit bats migrate into Kasanka National Park for 90 days. This is the largest mammal migration on earth and it provides beautiful scenery for tourists. Its a sight worth visiting.

For almost 90 Days, over 10million bats straw in the Kasanka national park and reside in the a few hectares of the Bat Forest in Kasanka National Park’s mushitu swamp forest. These staw colored fruit bats come from all parts of Congo and travel from October to mid December 

Kasanka lends itself to some truly astonishing birdlife sightings set against a backdrop of incredible scenic surrounds and dramatic skies. In addition make use of our amazing treetop hides from private locations in the Bat Forest that can be coupled with Game Drives and walks in the park.

For accommodation simply choose between Wasa Lodge or the Luwombwa Chalets, both situated in Kasanka National Park.