Mukuni Village Cultural Tour

Founded as Gundu in the 13th century, and later named after the ruler (Mukuni) on arrival from the Congo. It is home to the Leya people. This tour presents an opportunity to see how the local people live in a real African village. It has a population of 7,000, a clinic, basic school and boreholes for drinking water. Clients see how huts are built and decorated, meet residents and see the locals at work creating curios. After the tour you will be transferred back to the hotel.

Mukuni Village is a traditional settlement located near Livingstone, Zambia. This authentic village offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the Leya people, one of the local ethnic groups.

Upon entering Mukuni Village, you'll be greeted by the warm hospitality of the villagers. The experience often begins with a traditional welcome ceremony, where you'll be introduced to the village headman and learn about the customs and etiquette to follow during your visit.

The village tour takes you through the daily life and customs of the Leya people. You'll have the chance to witness traditional practices, such as cooking over open fires, crafting intricate handwoven baskets, and making pottery using age-old techniques. Villagers often engage in dances, music, and storytelling, which are integral parts of their cultural expression.

A guided tour might include visits to thatched huts, showcasing the architecture of the village and offering insights into how these structures are built using locally available materials. Guides often explain the significance of various symbols and designs used in the decoration of these huts.

As you interact with the villagers, you can ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of their way of life, spiritual beliefs, and the challenges they face in the modern world. Mukuni Village provides a respectful and educational experience that fosters cross-cultural exchange, allowing visitors to appreciate the diversity and richness of Zambian culture.

It's important to approach the village tour with sensitivity and respect, as you are stepping into a real community where people live and work. Remember that Mukuni Village is not a staged attraction but a living, breathing community, and engaging with its members should be done with an open heart and a desire to learn.

Overall, a visit to Mukuni Village offers a valuable opportunity to connect with local culture, gain insights into traditional ways of life, and contribute to the preservation of Zambia's cultural heritage.